1986 Mets Appearance and Spring Training Planning

There isn’t a soul alive who does not know how much fans love the 1986 Mets. It is almost an obsession with that strawberryteam. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it was the last team to get a World Series championship to Flushing. Well, for all of you 1986 crazed fans, this is something you want to play close attention to.

There is going to be a 1980’s event happening in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ December 14-15. Players from the 1986 championship team will be present for autographs. You will have to pay for whichever players you want signatures from. You can get all of the information from MAB Celebrity.

The regular season is only about a week retired, but already Mets fans everywhere are starting to think about the 2014 season. Scouring the social media networks I find that some are beginning to plan their trips to Port St. Lucie to see their beloved Mets begin training for the new season. It’s a place all fans go to get autographs of who they hope to be the next Darryl Strawberry, Doc Gooden, Tom Seaver and the like.

Well for all things Port St. Lucie, I have found one person who knows all there is to know about planning a trip, Ms. Donna Bauer. Yes Ms. Bauer has taken repeated trips to PSL to see the Mets and one of her biggest recommendations is renting a condo rather than a hotel. As she says it, it is “cheaper and nicer than a hotel” with condos running between $250-$300 for a week. So bring a friend.

She also suggests friending Jim Fertitta on Facebook so you can get tickets. Remember to book early. Early birds always get the good worms.

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