Mets Injuries: Lagares and Granderson Out Against Diamondbacks

By / April 15, 2014 / Injuries

Juan Lagares is placed on the 15-day disabled list. Kirk Nieuwenhuis is being called up.

It was not that long ago when Mets fans were talking about how Lagarescrazy general manager Sandy Alderson was for signing a fourth outfielder. Some could not see the possibility of injuries. After all, this is the New York Mets.

Last night against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the team lost two of their outfielders. Curtis Granderson went down with bruising to his rib cage, left forearm and knee. The x-rays were negative. Thank the baseball gods for small mercies. He is day to day. According to Kevin Burkhardt of SNY, Granderson “was wincing big time just putting clothes on”.

Lagares, on the other hand, pulled his right hamstring. More than likely he will be placed on the disabled list. This could prompt the arrival of Kirk Nieuwenhuis since Chris Young is not eligible to come back until Friday at the earliest. Losing Lagares is definitely a blow this team cannot afford. They have few players that seem to be able to play both offense and defense. Let this not ruin his chances for Breakout Player of the Year.

Suddenly nobody is talking about stupid it was to have signed extra outfielders, right? You always have to think about insurance players. More so if you are the New York Mets who always seem to have more injured players than any other team. The toe areas you want to make sure you have in abundance is the pitching and the outfield. Those in the outfield are always diving, flying and crashing into walls. They are bound to get hurt. It only makes sense to have plenty of them.

So let’s see how this team will do without their new angel in the outfield, Lagares.

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