Mike Puma Not Only Guilty Party in Bartolo Colon “Lardball” Incident

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Sports media, on all fronts, has become a disgrace. You have heard me say this constantly. From blogging to newspapers to cable networks, it is no longer about facts or knowing right from wrong. It is not about holding players and management accountable. It has now become about getting the story at whatever the cost. It does not matter what the story is, just get one. This is the society we live in.

Name-calling and making players feel as if they are the biggest losers has become the new generation of sports media. It is sad. Once upon a time, you read headlines that gave you a taste of what happened in the game the night before or about trades that need to happen. It was about what trades were made and how it will impact the team. It was about accountability. They made you want to buy the paper.

These days, newspapers think these are the headlines that are okay to write:

Heavy ColonCC Fat

It seems making someone’s weight the back page is okay because they feel it will sell papers. I am here to say it is never okay. Not unless you are willing to start a weight watchers group for overweight athletes. Is that what you are planning to do, Mr. Mike Puma? If not you, perhaps the editors over at the New York Post would like to start one. Apparently you and other members of the staff have an issue with pointing out how much a person weighs. I would hate to see what you would have to say about me. Perhaps I weigh too little in your eyes.

I’m sure you loved writing the story about how CC Sabathia lost his weight. The Overweight Jeterstory of Derek Jeter and him “carrying another burden — some extra weight hanging from the Yankees shortstop’s normally fit frame” must have been another favorite. I wonder how many of the staffers got a laugh out of that one hanging around the cooler. While some fans of a rival baseball team got a few laughs, it was hardly something to laugh about. More so since it was about someone who takes his training very seriously. We all know how hard Jeter works. It was a blatant and unnecessary attack.

Sensationalism is a sad history with the New York Post. What once was a paper I only bought for the sports, I stopped purchasing it a very long time ago. It has now become a full blown rag that I refuse to support.

Puma has once again decided to make light of a player’s weight. After the success of Bartolo Colon’s last game two days ago against the St. Louis Cardinals which resulted in a win, this writer felt it was okay to make this comment in his article:

If the umpires searched Bartolo Colon’s neck for a foreign substance on Thursday, chances are they only would have found peanut butter.

The result? Everybody, including Mets players, are up in arms about it. All of a sudden, there is a problem. Well, Mr. Puma, need I remind you about glass houses?

Puma is known for being a little, shall we say, unlikeable? This put him over the top. At no point in time is it okay for a reporter to make light over a player’s weight. It is unprofessional. It should result in a suspension. The editor should serve the same time. After all, he or she is the one who proofreads everything and creates the headlines. Before you throw all of your wrath Puma’s way, you should be writing to the editor and ripping that individual a new one for allowing such nonsense to be put in print.

With that being said, to the New York Mets fan base I ask, what is the difference between that headline and some of the much worse things you have said on the Mets fan pages on Facebook on Twitter? You even tag the players in your tweets with your comments. If I have to remind Puma about glass houses, you need to be reminded yourselves.

Yes I understand that you are the fans and he is the professional. At the same time, what was done is no different than you screaming obscenities to players on the field. It is no different than name-calling from the stands. I am guilty of such acts as well. I’ve made fans around me laugh with some of the things I’ve screamed at players. You can ask anyone who has been to a game with me. I can be extremely vicious. I just would never print what I say. I’m crazy, not stupid.

Bottom line is this, bullying on any level is appalling and should never happen. At some point, each of you have been bullied. You know what it is like. All I am asking is that you hold the right people accountable.

Oh and not for nothing, I’m sure I can speak for Colon when I say he is not offended. He probably just laughed it off, but it is nice to see players standing up for their own.

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Phil Groh

I, too, am really glad to see Colon’s teammates rally around him and demand that Puma leave. That really shows some spunk!


The one thing that is great about this team is that they watch out for one another. I think that is something that has been a little lacking when it comes to the team over the past couple of years. This year, they really aren’t taking crap from anybody.

Raul Velazquez Jr.

I am glad that the Mets teammates rally around Colon. Puma should be suspended and should apologize for what he did. I know Puma was singled out but the N.Y. Sports media really sucks right now and that is sad to say.


I agree. But I do feel like his editor needs to be held accountable as well. It isn’t fair to Puma for everything to be blamed on him.

Diana Nieves McGee

I’m so proud of my team sticking together to show support for a team mate.. This headline by this reporter made me very angry (and not because I’m a die hard mets fan). Society today put to much emphasis on image and its disgusting. Young girls believe that they need to be thin to look beautiful and only skinny people can be successful, healthy and beautiful. It make me crazy that some many children,teens and adults are just not happy with who they are. We need to stop this “Media Bullying” because its getting out of control. Where’s the editor to say to this reporter “hey we can’t print this garbage”. I have a lot more to say but I won’t ramble on.. Thank you for writing this article 🙂

Donna Bauer

Ok here goes…my reply took a while…BUT JMHO
The media especially sports media needs to be held to a higher standard than us mortal fans since their rants and views are seen and heard by a very large audience. Those BOLD headlines that berate the players are on the news stands and in social media for the world to see and they stick with you. Mets fans as well as fans of other sports teams have a bit more carte blanche to bitch about their teams …sort of like being able to pick on the Italians ONLY if you are one…(LIKE ME) But this blatant name calling is uncalled for when it attacks a persons outward appearance..If you think a player is a bum because they played poorly that is what you report on BUT to say that Bartolo could be found with peanut butter on him is UNCALLED FOR and needs to stop.. OK I AM DONE!


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