Despite Offensive Woes, Granderson Remains Positive

By / April 27, 2014 / Players

Something should be said about a player who can remain positive in a negative environment Curtis cagelike New York City. Playing in New York is hard enough, but when you sign a  $60 million deal, you are automatically placed under the microscope. If you sneeze wrong, the media is all over you like white on rice. The claws of the media and he fans come out. Then when you do the right thing, they do a 180 and it is all rainbows and lollipops.

Curtis Granderson has started off very slow. There is no denying that. You have to be blind not to see it. However, despite his meager .134 BA, he remains positive. He has shown signs of coming around hitting in three straight games prior to last night with two ribbies in two of those games. Is it enough? Of course not! Yet take the small victories  where you can get it.

Granderson is taking it all in stride it allowing the pressure to weigh on him. He reminds himself,

We have a lot of baseball left to play…You what to get hotter and hotter as the season goes along.

You take as much positive from it as you can…I think having done it before makes you realize it is going to turn.

This isn’t Granderson’s first time playing in New York. He knows the pressure of playing here. there is no doubt he can handle it. Understand that he missed a lot of time last year playing in only eight games during the first half of the season. Plus, it was Yankee Stadium. Everybody can hit there. Come over to Citi Field, adjustments must be made.

Into the batting cages he goes daily working with batting coach Dave Hudgens. The two of them work together to try and figure out without doing too much, one problem that seems to happen with the Mets and their players is when a player slumps, they try to change too much resulting in ruining the player’s swing altogether.

The big bat will come. It is only April. There are still five months of baseball to be played. Let’s just hope he finds his hot swing sooner rather than later. It seems that later he loses it. He’s a big boy who has played and contributed in the big games, like the playoffs. Just like he believes he will be okay, it is time the fans think the same way.

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Raul Velazquez Jr.

Very good article. I do agree that he is struggling right now but with Granderson positive attitude, he will get out of his bad funk and will do well this season. I think he will do very good for the next 5 months of the season and put up good numbers to have a good season. LET’S GO CURTIS GRANDERSON!!!


My only worry is late in the season. That’s when he slows down. But he picks it up again during the postseason.


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