Wilpon: An Owner Who Loves the Past More than the Present

By / May 28, 2014 / Past, Present and Future

What if a person loved his present as much as his past? What if the past was just a memory ST Wilponand not a ghost? To honor the past is great, but to live in it is to ruin the present.

There is no secret how much Fred Wilpon loved his beloved Brooklyn Dodgers. What if he loved the New York Mets just as much? If the elder Wilpon would treat the organization with the respect he gives the ghosts of New York baseball past, this team, or rather the organization, might have a fighting chance.

This is not just about the team. It isn’t just about the players on the field. I am talking about the front office as well. Where is the respect from ownership for an organization that has honored New York baseball’s past? The colors represent the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants. The organization brought back National League baseball to the city that has mostly been a National League town.

To Mr. Fred Wilpon I say, the mere existence of the New York Metropolitans honors the past. From the original team known as the Metropolitan Club down to the purchase of it by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1887, the history and honor is there. Now when will you honor the past by providing the means for a competitive team? When will you honor the past by creating a team worthy of playing in the biggest sports city in the world? When will you honor the champions of your past with present-day champions?

Stop chasing ghosts. The greatest honor is with championships. You want to honor a team with 12 pennants and one championship in New York. How do you do that when you yourself do not know how to win? The only time when you did was only when Nelson Doubleday was co-owner. He knew what it took. Despite the success of 2006, you have little to no credit for anything. Doubleday understood his role as an owner: hire a general manager and get out of his way. Mr. Wilpon, you have not grasped such a concept. In so doing, you continue to be the demise oft his franchise. If you truly love this franchise, you will step down so that it can thrive once again. Let this organization go so that it can reach its full potential.

There is no question that the time to clean house is now. The hitting coach is just a warning shot. There should be more to come. Yet it should continue with ownership by baseball commissioner Bud Selig. When the past becomes more important than the present, it is time to step down or be forced out.

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Raul Velazquez

This is a very good article and I agree with you Tayna, WILPONS PLEASE SELL THE TEAM!!!


Elevating Nelson Doubleday as some sort of contrast with Wilpon hardly advances the Mets cause. It’s a different sort of counterproductive attachment with the past.


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