Harvey, Wheeler: Experience Playoff Glory in NYC Thanks to New York Rangers

By / June 5, 2014 / Players

The New York Giants were the last ones to give the Empire State a championship backimage in 2011. In 2009, it was the New York Yankees. Over the past ten to 15 years, it has been all baseball and football.

Now, after a torturous 20 years, the New York Rangers finally have a chance to bring the mighty Lord Stanley, one of sports greatest trophies, back to a city in dire need of a championship. You can almost see the parade coming down the Canyon of Heroes with Henrik Lundqvist hoisting up Lord Stanley for all to see.

Flashback to 2006 when the New York Mets had their chance to make a World Series run. One game away. David Wright is now the last man standing from that team. He is the only one to have experienced the ferocity of a fan base aching for a championship again.

Fast forward to present day. It is the Stanley Cup Finals. Big time Rangers fans, Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler, are experiencing the passion of a championship run in the biggest city in the world. Fans are rallying around the city for viewing parties. People who are not even hockey fans are passing by Ranger die hards chanting, “Go Rangers”. This is New York City at its finest. The heart of this city is sports. Everybody loves a winner.

Now take that fire, combine it with a 28-year championship drought and the fact the last time your team was in it, they lost to their cross-town rivals. There went their chance to prove this is a National League city. The sheer pandemonium that would erupt inside Citi Field would rival the ecstasy the Boston Red Sox fans felt after their 0-3 comeback against their biggest division rivals in 2004.

Harvey isn’t playing this year no matter how much he mouths off thinking he will. Wheeler is coming into his own. Both are feeling what a winner takes all run feels like in this city. They have been to Rangers playoff games. They have walked the streets of NYC. They feel the energy. Now what if they could bring that energy to Citi Field next year? I’m not saying this year is over. The NL East is still up for grabs. All that is really needed is that elusive bat they can never seem to get. Despite that, just think what it would be like if Harvey were back. Dream about what it would be like if Citi Field, if the most beautiful ballpark in NYC, got a chance to be center stage for winning and not drama.

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