Under Alderson, Mets Fall and May Never Get Back Up

By / June 17, 2014 / Players

We are through almost three months of baseball. The New York AldersonMets have bounced up and down the NL East standings. When they are great, they are high and when they are down, well, they are so far down you have to wonder if they will ever be able to get up again. Lately when you look at the standings, the only thing that should be running through your head is that commercial of the little old lady yelling, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. Unfortunately, that is the state of the 2014 New York Mets.

There has been a lot of comparing between former GM Omar Minaya and current GM Sandy Alderson. Here is where the comparison should begin and end. In one year, Minaya took the team from the cellar to within one game of the World Series. Alderson has wasted money on players like Chris Young. Minaya gave us Matt Harvey. Alderson gave us Travis d’Arnaud who is strictly a defensive catcher. Now I am just talking about d’Arnaud in terms of offense. I pay no mind to his numbers in Vegas. Those numbers are inflated. I’m sure he is working hard down in Triple-A, but it really is hard to tell what he will do when he comes back up. It is great to have a defensive catcher, but some Mike Piazza type numbers at the plate while standing would be nice.

It has been one excuse after another with this organization. The fans have heard it from Alderson and the Wilpons. Alderson has blamed the Wilpons for not putting up the money to get better players. He has blamed the fans for the lack of funds because they aren’t going to the games. He seems to be able to blame everyone except himself.

Mr. Alderson, it is high time to take a look in the mirror. You were brought here to do one thing: bring quality to Citi Field on the cheap. You wasted seven million dollars on a player who is not built to succeed in Citi Field. Marlon Byrd was a much better fit. You have yet to understand the concept of building a team around a ballpark and not just on the winning mentality of a player. While it is good to have players who have been on winning teams, it is only beneficial if they show those winning ways on the field with their current team.

What if there was a team that could win games by playing small ball? If a ballpark is too big for the home team to hit home runs, then games should be played by hitting singles and doubles. While New York City itself has a tendency to lean towards the dramatic fans of the New York Mets would be more than happy to win a game with a lead off single. Single hits bring players home from third base. If the player on base is fast, he can score from second.

There is a phrase that I love that I use constantly with my staff at work: K.I.S.S. It stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid”. I think this phrase should be the theme of the New York Mets. There are no excuses to not winning games. Nobody said they have to hit home runs all of the time to win games. They just have to hit and bring guys hone that are on base. If they do that, they win games. So quit blaming the park. The park is t the problem. The lack of talent is. The front office is. Ownership is. The Commissioner is. Maybe somebody should call Bill deBlasio to intercede. After all, a better playing ball club is always in the best interest of this city.

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Phil Groh

I have no intention of going to a Mets game this year. Going to games takes a considerable amount of $$$ because I live in western Morris County, NJ. In fact, the last game that I went to was in August 2012 and that was only to see Dickey pitch.

I agree that the team needs to be built around the field. And a Gary Carter – Mike Piazza catcher would be nice! A Keith Hernandez 1st baseman would put the icing on the cake!

So for now I’ll occasionally watch a game on TV. And right now, soccer has my attention!


“Here is where the comparison should begin and end. In one year, Minaya took the team from the cellar to within one game of the World Series.”

Bleh. Minaya started in a different place, with a very different budget, with an organization sitting in a very different position. The notion that Sandy Alderson has spent money on players that haven’t produced, while implying that Minaya did not, just doesn’t hold up. Minaya spent far more money on failing players than Alderson ever dreamed of.

Chris Young vs. Matt Harvey is simply a false comparison.


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