Alderson: Mets Players Determine Road to be Taken By Trade Deadline

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It takes a commitment to make a push for the playoffs. It takes nerves and balls of steel. AldersonLooking at how Mets general manager Sandy Alderson has been over the years getting to the trade deadline, you have to wonder if this will be the year he commits to a team that is screaming to be believed in.

They are clearly itching to be considered more than being given credit for. They are not satisfied with just being called scrappy. This team wants to be called a contender. With only seven days to go, this team is looking to their GM to see just how committed he is to the team he built. Will he bring in the one crucial piece needed to push this little engine that could team to the top? If he does not, and this team falls again, what will become of him? Would he even be considered responsible for yet another downfall?

The Mets are 11-7 for the month of July. It is definitely a step in the right direction. However, going 3-5 since the All-Star break after showing they are better than they have shown just before the break, is not making a strong case for themselves.

Curtis Granderson is ill. Chris Young, maybe to the delight of fans, was dealing with cramps in his left calf Tuesday. You hoped manager Terry Collins had enough to piece together an outfield to keep this team climbing in the standings. For one night, he had enough to field, but not enough to hit. Unless you count Bobby Abreu who was the designated hitter for two out of the three games in the Seattle Mariners series. Tueday night, Eric Young, Jr., Juan Lagares and Kirk Niewenhuis, each left three on base, which seems to be the death of this ball club. The need? An extra bat, as usual.

While I do agree with not trading away prospects for the sake of a few months and a longshot for the playoffs, I do feel Alderson is in a position to make a move for possibly a player who will be around for a year or two. Sure the fans would love a push. Of course they would love for the words of Jenrry Mejia, “We’re gonna make (the playoffs) because we believe in ourselves”, to become true. What they need to understand, though, is that other teams understand the desperation of this organization to make the playoffs. The Mets will get raped for everything they have just for a B-player.

So should Alderson make a move? Yes! Just not at the cost of the future. While the organization has some depth in the farm, it took a long time to make that happen. This is the moment where moves that are made are small pieces to plug holes that could roll over into next year. There are some position players who may not be ready to be a part of the big leagues next year. Moves that are made in the next eight days should coincide with plans for next year. The team has at least six days to prove themselves worthy of a trade.

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