Mets Pitchers Harvey, Wheeler, and deGrom Keep Fans Dreaming for Ownership of City

By / September 25, 2014 / Past, Present and Future, Players

It really does make people wonder how a fan base like that of the New York Mets can bedeGrom excited about anything. You have an ownership that seems to be oblivious to what it takes to win. For awhile it seemed like general manager Sandy Alderson was intent on giving the fans more reasons to hate him with each losing season that passed by. There has been nothing but backlash all year about all things Matt Harvey from social media to how the team treated him. It really did seem like all was lost.

Maybe this team just needs to get the hell out of New York. They say players need a change of scenery. How about the whole team? Perhaps just ownership. Could it be time for this to go back to being a one baseball team city? After all, not even the commissioner Bud Selig appears to give a damn about a team that brought National League baseball to a heartbroken National League fan base. A home grown team. Origins dripping in New York baseball tradition.

Look at this season. It has become one more lost season, hasn’t it? No playoffs. A poorly designed plan for a baseball season created by a general manager who seemed to be inept at doing his job. There seemed to be an endless run of second guessing decisions made like the signing of Chris Young during the offseason, just to name one. The tremendous onslaught of criticism when Ike Davis was sent to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Money poorly spent seems to be the only constant in this, and I use the term loosely, premiere franchise. Well, actually it is more like not enough money being spent. What little money is used has been done so in an inefficient manner.

So the 2014 season began. Hopes and dreams were shared among fans. Hopes of being better on the field than thought. Hopes of kids coming up to contribute in a mighty way. Dreams of a possible postseason shared among the various fan pages on Facebook and through tweets on Twitter. It was a far fetched dream, but that’s what this fan base does best. They dare to dream. It’s what keeps them coming back.

As the months passed on, so did the dreams. Crushed once again. All that can be thought of are broken promises of a 90-win season. It was just another year of a foolish dream. Or was it?

Those who laughed about the signing of Bartolo Colon now have to give him credit where it is due. He held his own. Colon was nothing more than a man who was holding a spot for Matt Harvey anyway. Zack Wheeler came into his own in a season marred with offensive slumps. Jacob deGrom came out of nowhere and is set as a Rookie of the Year candidate. Nobody thought a rookie player would be the Breakout Player of the Year. Enter a closer who can actually get the job done, Jenrry Mejia. He has only blown three saves in 30 opportunities. Could this be the one that gets rid of the nightmarish outings of Armando Benitez? Imagine how the 2000 Subway World Series would have turned out if Mejia was there instead of Benitez.

Then you think about what is in the farm. More pitching and possibly some hitters as well. Once upon time, pitching was the issue. No longer can it be said the New York Mets have no pitching. Credit Alderson for getting that part of his job done correctly. He stacked the farm with some good moves to help build for the future. Building a future is clearly more his forte than building for the present. Not criticizing. Just pointing out a fact.

The fans are leaving this season with dreams of the future. It is a fan base that has been revived with a pitching staff that will have Harvey, Wheeler and deGrom at the helm. Noah Syndegaard is bound to join the staff. The fans know it. They can see it. They see the power that is coming up through the minors. They are excited by the thought of owning their division. They have the future in their hands. The division is theirs for the taking. New York City is up for the taking. This city is itching for another baseball championship team. It stands to reason that it should be the New York Mets. This future is what keeps the fans alive and watching.

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Ahmnodt Heare

I think that Sandy’s problem is the lack of money he gets to spend. Money should be less of an issue now that the Madoff fiasco is behind the Wilpons. If the Mets can sweep the Astros at home, they will end up with their best record since 2008.


That has been the hop for awhile now. I don’t see it changing. The primary reason is they are saving the money for the top prospects when they become eligible for raises and demand money for their amazing services. Save the pennies now.


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