Matt Harvey: Mets fans view him with contempt for Jeter salute

By / September 27, 2014 / Players

There is that moment in time when history is being made. Everyone wants to be a part of it.image Were you there when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball? Think about how powerful that part of baseball’s history was. It affected not just baseball. It impacted our nation. How many Mets fans saw Johan Santana pitch the first no-hitter in Mets history in person? What about Mike Piazza’s glorious home run in the first game back after 9/11? Were you there to witness it? These are all moments that were amazing. They were even more powerful when witnessed first hand.

There is no denying that the whole Derek Jeter farewell tour was a bit much. It was carried on like a media circus unlike anything I have ever seen. Hundreds of people came out to bid farewell to the Yankees captain. It was unbelievable the amount of attention this had. Not even the great Mariano Rivera got such an outpouring of affection from baseball and the fans.

Jeter deserves all of the accolades for playing the game to a tremendous level. Not only was he a great player, he was a great captain and role model. Unfortunately, in an age where players are cheating and others are beating wives or children, here you have a man that played the game the right way and stayed away from the negativity that could have easily been a part of his life. So why not be a part of his one last big night?

On a night where being a fan of any team did not matter, a number of fans of one team cried out in disgust as one of their own attended the game that would be the very last for his own hero.

Mets fans can be the greatest fans in the world. They can also be the most fickle and the most bitter. Quite a few of them were outraged over their star pitcher, Matt Harvey, being at Jeter’s last game rather than traveling with his team to Washington to watch them play a meaningless game. One fan went so far as to say “he’s becoming a cancer”. So you are considered a cancer when you pay respect to a man who helped you strive to become the great player you are today?

Harvey without a doubt has had his share of “I’m-a-dumbass” moments. This was not one of them. The middle finger Instagram made him look like a childish jerk. His antics with reporters such as speaking when he should shut up makes him look like a five year old talking back to his parents. His going to a game that has meaning for him instead of being with a team he has clearly made known he wants to play now for if he could is not something to be in an uproar about. It is petty.

Maybe the fans are just tired of being upset about the same old nonsense like not making the playoffs and all things Wilpons. This gives them something new to be upset about. I can understand that. Sounds like some people in the media who find something so stupid and petty to bring to the forefront when there are so much more crucial things to be upset about.

This pitcher is going to be the backbone of the stellar pitching rotation the New York Mets will have in 2014. He will be the anchor of a team that will hold this city in captivity with exciting baseball. This is the guy who you the fans named his outings after: Harvey Day. Everyone gets excited to see him play. Opposing players and their fans alike give him credit. They all say the Mets have amazing talent with him. They all wish he was on their team anchoring their rotation.

Is he going out on binges? Is he beating on a child or a woman? Is he gambling illegally? Is he doing illegal drugs? Last time I checked, his only major issue is wanting to get back into the game he grew up loving and nearly putting his rehab in jeopardy for rushing. He has done nothing that you the fan base has not done yourselves: he paid tribute to an amazing player. Harvey is a fan just like you are. You went to see Jeter play throughout the year to pay your respect as well. Well, let Harvey pay his own tribute to his hero. The last few Mets games mean nothing to the season. Save it for Spring Training.

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Wanda Metsfan

Harvey is NOT a fan like me. No self-respecting baseball fan would EVER leave a game before it ended!


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