Wright, Parnell give Syndergaard food for thought during lunch break

By / March 4, 2015 / 2015, Players, Spring Training

It seems like something so small. An individual was hungry. The person goes to get something to eat. No harm, Syndergaard STno foul. For the average person working anywhere else, it would be exactly that. For a team sport, a team that plays together and supports one another, wins together. A team must learn the quirks of each other in order to be able to play together. This is what spring training is all about. At least, that is the way you would think it would be.

Noah Syndergaard felt hungry. He went to go eat. The young prospect got more than he bargained for. His clubhouse lunch break gave him less food and more lessons in part to Mets team captain, David Wright.

After not seeing Syndergaard on the bench supporting the team, the Captain went to find him. When he saw him eating, he confronted the young one. According to a tweet by Newsday’s Marc Carig, Bobby Parnell followed that by throwing the plate of food in the trash.

How did Syndergaard take it? Well, like how he should take it. It was nothing personal. It was a learning opportunity. Here is Carig’s tweet about it:

Lesson learned. Is this going too far? I personally do not think so. The kid is not a current star. He is a possibility.  I was happy to hear that Wright, and even Parnell, took the lesson to another level. If Syndergaard does in fact come up to the Citi Field in the summer, he will be doing so when this team is in the middle of a race. He needs to learn everything he can about the team now. This is his chance. Better to learn now than wait until the next opportunity comes. It could be a rough outing.

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