New York Mets dominate NL East rivals early with 8-3 record

By / April 18, 2015 / 2015, Players
Mets outfielders

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The Mets have sent a strong message to their division rivals with their strong start: “We beat you, we own this division”. Message sent and message received.

This week was the start of another season at home. Hopes and dreams. Past and present emotions carrying over to another 162 game marathon season.

They say you should start strong to finish strong. The in-between not being as relevant. The adrenaline will carry you through the entire season. If this holds true, the 2015 New York Mets are well on their way to making this one of the best seasons with a 8-3 record to hold on to the top spot in the division thanks to a six game winning streak. They have to beat down on their division to make a playoff berth. With their dramatic start, that is exactly what they are on pace to do.

Here is where the dreams and prophecies of a stellar future comes to life. It started with the Captain, David Wright. The face of the franchise. He came to Shea Stadium in 2004. Two years later, a playoff berth. The Dark Knight of Gotham, Matt Harvey came to Citi Field in 2012 with a chip on his shoulder and victory in his mind. He is the fire and brimstone of the pitching staff. Juan Lagares flashes a gold glove like nobody has seen in years. From flying through the air to make a backward catch to fishing for a ball at his laces, he has solidified an outfield that has been questionable since the departing of Carlos Beltran.

There will always be a season where the fans will come in with hope, dreams and ambitions. It is the start of a new season. It is a fresh slate. The feeling of “new year, new hopes” will always happen. After all, when you flip from December 31st to January first, that is the same feeling you get. A new baseball season is the same way. Yet despite that, coming into 2015, there is something that just has not been felt in years. There may be something there that wasn’t there before. It isn’t hope. It isn’t the dreams. It is something completely different.

Are the fans behind the team a little more this year? Last night, the ballpark was jam packed. It has been years since I have seen that many fans at a Mets game outside of Opening Day and Harvey games.

Confidence? Maybe they believe in themselves a little more. According to manager, Terry Collins:

“One thing that’s for sure is we’re building confidence. When you go from almost being no-hit through five to putting a string of some runs on the board, it’s pretty impressive. They just hang in there. They’re not getting down about anything. Each and every inning there’s a game plan about what they’ve got to do at the plate.”

Camaraderie? Pitchers coming together to pump up their own in the bullpen before the start of the game.

Crazy ideas? Collins consistently working the lineup in different ways to play to the strength he feels each player has or to take pressure off other players like having Curtis Granderson instead of Lagares in the leadoff spot and Lucas Duda in the third spot instead of clean up with Michael Cuddyer batting clean up. Sometimes a little crazy can be good for the soul. Maybe it can be good for a few more wins this year. Don’t knock it until you try it.

Whatever the reason, with Zack Wheeler being done for the season, Jenrry Mejia down for an 80-game suspension and David Wright on the disabled list, this team is getting the job done. Players are not waiting for one person to step in and take charge. They all have. Each player is contributing in some way. Even Bartolo Colon is getting in on some of the offensive action to help his team win. Each player is coming with fire in their eyes and the heart of a champion. They are not waiting for more of the young bloods to come up and take over. Noah Syndergaard would be great, but he is not yet ready. No matter.

This team is starting strong so they can finish strong. This is the start of a playoff berth.

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Efrain Velazquez III

Another Great article Tanya!! I’m so excited for this season and this team. We got a bunch of young, hungry guys that are out to prove themselves and they’re united to build a strong nucleus and team. Let’s Go Mets!! Met Fan For Life!!


Thanks Efrain. This team is becoming a team like no other. The organization as a whole is coming together. It has been far too long since it happened. It’s great to see this organization becoming what the fans had hoped for.


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