Sandy Alderson: “We may be lying on the floor, but we’re breathing”

By / April 19, 2015 / 2015, Players

The New York Mets are thriving with a seven game win streak Aldersongoing. It looks as though they are finally coming together after so many empty years of baseball. Yet nobody seems to fully believe they are legit. Not even their own general manager, Sandy Alderson.

The GM tasked with bringing back a franchise shot to hell with poor contracts a few years ago, told the New York Post:

I honestly do believe the Mets are resuscitated. We stilll may be lying on the floor, but we’re breathing.

He went on to say:

We’ll see if it continues. It can disappear just as easily as it appeared.

Easy? There has been nothing easy about this franchise. From ownership to management to players, everything has been questioned since before Alderson took over. Over the years there has been nothing but injuries and what some feel was poor decision making. There was a clean up of bad contracts. The controversies of how to handle the injuries of players. Easy is not the word I would use.

This is how I would describe what is happening in Flushing. It took talent. Before that, it took thinking. It took patience. It took not caring about what others thought about what decisions were being made. While everyone questioned every step Alderson made, he held firm to what he thought was the right thing to do, even when it was not the most popular thing.

When everyone wanted to keep Jose Reyes, he said “goodbye”. When people questioned the departure of R.A. Dickey and Ike Davis, he said nothing and allowed his decision to speak for itself.

Yes, not all of the credit goes to Alderson. Even he acknowledged it. Former GM Omar Minaya played a key role having drafted Matt Harvey and Juan Lagares. He chose the man who would be the captain and heart beat of this team, David Wright. Thank you for the contributions to the future, Minaya. However, Alderson was the one who saw the development through.

Nobody is lying on the floor. This is where we disagree, Mr. Alderson. This team is thriving. They started strong so they can finish strong. While you may not want to declare victory just yet, there is more here than anybody actually believed. The season started with hopes, but it is driving towards something more. The fans wanted to believe. Now they do.

While some are waiting for the other shoe to drop, because that is what usually happens with the New York Mets, this team is screaming to the world of baseball to believe in them.

With a seven game win streak, they are giving everyone a reason to believe they are not just resucitated, but they are in nearly top form. If this is how they are starting the season, and it is still early, imagine how they can finish it.

Mr. Alderson, believe in this team. Believe in the possibilities. Believe in what you and Minaya built. We have a team with a seven game win streak at the beginning of the season. This is what you wanted. So far, it is what you now have: a winning team.

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