Perfect Mets take on surging Yankees for the deed to New York City

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New York sports has been in a dry spell. There has not been a team to talk about and feel excited about since the New York Rangers went on their playoff run last year. The New York Giants and Jets failed this city. The Knicks have been the laughing stock of New York sports. The Nets, well, they will never be a New York team. The Islanders are just a hockey team that happens to wear the state colors.

The last time this city has actually been excited about baseball was…well I cannot even remember. Not even the New York Yankees have gotten this city so excited about baseball in well over a decade. Farewell tours for players do not count as exciting baseball.

Maybe this new baseball fever is because the New York Mets have been nothing for so long. Maybe it is because the Yankees have not been very much of anything these past few years. Maybe it’s because this time it is the Mets that are the ones with the 11-game win streak. Or maybe it is because it is the team making history with a perfect home stand.

For right now, the New York Mets have made themselves the team more and more people have come to root for. Just look at all of the Mets gear you see around the city. You see Mets fans passing each other and giving each other the nod to acknowledge their shared devotion to their team.

Whatever the reason, when you actually take a really long look at it, you realize this is New York City. We are the city with the highest demands. This is the city that strives for the best. We are the city that expects to win in everything. We are the greatest city in the world, right? So why should this city not have a winning team.

That is what this is about. Going into the Subway Series this weekend, we are looking at who is going to take full control of New York City. The people of this city likes a winner. You give them that, they’ll root for whoever. For some, it doesn’t matter what color the interlocking NY on their hat is. If a particular team is winning, that’s the team you root for.

Take into account the Mets have surpassed the Yankees in ticket sales. Now they are actually competing against the YES network in viewership. Bob Raissman from the New York Daily News put it simply:

Through Wednesday, the Mets on SportsNet New York had averaged a 2.81 household rating while the Yankees a 2.77 on the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network.

Every team is going to have an up stretch and every team is going to have a down stretch. When you have crosstown rivals like the New York Mets and New York Yankees, you appreciate when both teams are on the upswing. As Chase Headley put it:

I know there’s a lot of Mets pride going on and I know there’s a lot of Yankees stuff for years and years, so I look forward to the environment.

I think it’s good. Probably nobody likes to hear that as a Yankees fan, but I think it’s good when both teams are good. It’s good for baseball.

What makes this series even more exciting is the mentality these 2015 Mets have according to team captain, David Wright:

You don’t come to the ballpark hoping to win. The mentality is we expect to win.

The Yankees are going into the series with a three game winning streak and a three way tie for first. The Mets are coming off a perfect home stand, an 11-game winning streak and sole possession of first. This will definitely be a series to remember.

Which team is going to come out with the fans behind them? Which will have fans jumping ship to root for the rival? It is blue collar versus white collar. David versus Goliath. This is not a series to determine the season. At least not until September when the two teams will meet again in a possible playoff race. It is a series that determines ownership of this city.

The New York Yankees have owned this town for too long. It is time for little brother to come in and take charge. By the time this series is over, this city could bleed orange and blue from Staten Island to the Bronx.

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