Mets fans have new Met-titude with amazin’ 2015 start

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It was only a year ago. Not five years or fifteen years. Only one year. image Fans of the New York Mets were saying things like “same old Mets” due to their lack of production. They said they would never set foot in Citi Field again.

They were stressed over not having Matt Harvey, who was recovering from Tommy John surgery. They questioned every move by every person within the front office. Now the Mets faithful have a change in attitude towards this team, even if there are still questions that need answering. Though they said they would never again show up, they find themselves drawn in to an amazing season with what appears to be a amazin’ team.

One year later, the hits kept coming with injuries to key players like Zack Wheeler and David Wright. Bobby Parnell is still out. Jenrry Mejia is out for what looks like the rest of his Mets career.

One year later the New York Mets are determined to show that injuries are not going to cause their death. They started their push for significance in the first month of the season. This team is out to prove to their fans they are worth their time, money and faith. So they did. Despite the losing the series to the New York Yankees last night, they are the number one team in the NL East and in the majors with a 14-5 record.

This is where Mets fans find themselves right now. They are a fan base that have believed and tried to be patient with their team. They kept holding on to the possibilities the farm system was going to bring to them. Harvey has dominated since his arrival to Flushing. Wheeler, out for the year, showed promise. Rafael Montero will make a start against the Florida Marlins tomorrow night. Kevin Plawecki has shown his potential, but also shows he could use a little more seasoning.

Even with the loss of a series to the Yankees, the fan base is holding strong. Their feet are firmly planted with this team. When asked how they were feeling after last night’s loss, here is what some fans had to say:

We play the Yankees two times a year. We play the NL East teams more than twice per year obviously. The division matters more to me. And with everyone else struggling to catch up, it’s time to really pounce and get a lead into the double digits. –Brandon B.

It is more important in the grand scheme of things t win games in our division, which we have done and I believe will continue to do. –Lauren W.

Would have loved to sweep them but it’s not realistic to think that we’re going to sweep everyone….one game at a time…GO METS! –Scott C.

I can understand if the Yankees were in our division, but to answer your question: Nope. –Simon H.

Even Yankee fans had a message for fans regarding the 2015 Mets:

I say this as a Yankees fan who follows the Mets. You can’t win every series. At the end of the year, the Mets will be the better team. It’s just 3 of 162 right now. –Evan C.

While the Subway Series is always a fun series for both fan bases, the Mets fans are really not overly concerned about losing this series. They know the importance lies in their own division. As of today, that would be first place.

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They’ve really been impressive ( and for those who don’t know I’m a Braves fan)


lol Thanks Jordan. We have actually heard that from a few Yankee fans too. It is a very exciting time. Hoping this team maintains their winning ways throughout the season.


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