Gee: “I almost don’t even care anymore.”

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Life can be quite simple. You wake up, go to your job, do your job andgee get a paycheck. With poor performance comes consequences. If you don’t want to suffer those consequences, I sincerely suggest you do your job to the best of your ability.

Here is where the Mets stand right now. Half of the team is down on the disabled list. The rest are struggling to get a hit at the plate.

The organization currently has one of the best pitching rotations in the majors in Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard. They pitch. They hit. They run. Their primary job? Pitching. They go out and pitch until their arms are about to fall off. Even Bartolo Colon has contributed at the plate.

Lone wolf Jonathon Niese could use a trip to Triple A to find his groove or just needs to be traded to someone who can actually better serve him and his potential.

All of this brings me to one man: Dillon Gee. Here is a man who had the fans behind him at some point. Despite the trade talks over the winter with him, he was still given a shot. Whether he was even considered for the team is inconsequential. Gee was given an opportunity to prove his value to everyone. He wasted his chances. When you have top tier talent in the minors, it is only right to wonder if he even should have been given the chance to even pitch here in New York again.

Gee was pulled from the rotation and sent to the bullpen. He most certainly did not go quietly into the night. When the news came, he did not stay silent. He told the reporters exactly what he felt. Out of his mouth came the claims of his value going down because nobody will see his talent.

I feel like if I had any value before…it’s gone.

If the talent was there, you would be in rotation. If the value was there, you would’ve been traded for a bat. Trust me. You having value is beneficial for the Mets who need a bat.

Ready for the clincher? This sealed his fate for me.

I almost don’t even care anymore.

You “don’t care”? Here is a player who has become selfish in his mindset. It’s not like he has contributed in a major way this year. My dear Mr. Gee, did you win a World Series? Have you seen playing time in the playoffs at any point in your career? Where I come from, you reap what you sow. If you don’t like it, I suggest you retire. As a player on a team, you do whatever is best for the team and not what is best for Dillon Gee.

Former Mets pitcher, Steve Trachsel, was sent down to Triple A to figure out how to pitch again. He was not a fan of the idea. He just understood it needed to be done. Trachs came back and took care of business. Oliver Perez was given the choice of being sent down to fix his troubles. He declined. We all know what happened after that. This is part of the business.

We are in the third month of the 2015 season. This is a do or die month. Hold on to your position in the standings here and you have a fighting chance for October. Here is where general managers really look at hard at what they have and what they need. Gee is someone they do not need. With the team already suffering with injuries and at-bats, having someone with a “me” mentality can most certainly be kicked to the curb.

Here is my message to Gee.

Mr. Gee, put up or shut up. You don’t like what is happening, fix it. Do your job. Get your value up. Work hard in the bullpen. What does it matter where you are pitching for this team as long as you are pitching? What does it matter if you are part of a team in the heat of possible contention? How about contributing to your team no matter where you are? Still have a problem? Well, I have but one thing left to say to you, Mr. Gee. Bye Felicia!

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It’s obvious the writer doesn’t know much about baseball. Niese can’t get sent to the minors.

Interesting how nasty you get with successful professional athletes. Dillon Gee might not be pitching very well but he’s accomplished more in his life to date then you ever will.

Bye Felicia!


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