Superstorm Sandy: Social media set up Alderson for perfect storm in botched trade

By / July 30, 2015 / 2015

It was Superstorm Sandy for the New York Mets last. Everything was in imageperfect alignment for the most bizarre trade-no trade event. Let me set the scene for you.

With the trade deadline tomorrow, the pressure is on Mets general manager, Sandy Alderson, to get something done. The Mets are in the heat of a pennant race. It will only take one big bat to push the team to October. Last night, it looked like they had it.

Alderson had a deal in place to send Zack Wheeler and Wilmer Flores to Milwaukee and bring back Carlos Gomez. This was per a tweet by New Post columnist, Joel Sherman.

Sherman Gomez tweet

This led to everyone believing the trade was a done deal. This blew up social media and created a media circus like I have never seen. Multiple reporters retweeted the report.

Here is where it gets horrible.

Flores found out about the trade during the game Wednesday night. Fans knew about the potential trade. There were standing ovations. Nobody in the dugout, including manager Terry Collins knew about what was happening. Fans started to wonder why manager Terry Collins kept the kid in the game. When Flores found out, he was seen crying and wiping tears from his eyes. In his heart, he wants to stay with the Mets. It is the only team he has ever known since he was 16 years old and came up the ranks.

After the game, Flores was told by Alderson there was no trade deal. The whole thing fell through.

Mets fans were quick to blame the Mets organization for this charade. What they fail to realize is one tweet by one reporter caused things to spiral. It got worse when Milwaukee Brewers catcher, Martin Maldonado, tweeted a photo of some of the guys on a plane saying farewell to Gomez.

Now, the reason why it fell through.

According to multiple reports, including a tweet by Ken Rosenthal, the Mets balked on the deal because of a “hip issue” with Gomez.


The Brewers camp say it was Wheeler’s medical records and they were the ones who balked at the deal.

Whatever the reason, this is one reason why facts need to be triple checked and nothing should be told until everything, including physicals, are done. Social media set up the perfect storm in Citi Field and it may have cost the Alderson the big bat needed for a run at October.

After this, will Alderson be able to get a trade done at all?

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