Citi Field Rocks! Playoff atmosphere awakens the ghost of Shea Stadium

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After this past weekend, for the first time since she opened her black iron gates, paid homage to New York’s citifield 08-01baseball history, Citi Field began to feel like home.

It was said Citi Field is nothing like Shea Stadium. The feeling, the vibe, the Mets-like atmosphere is virtually non-existent when you compared the two ballparks. When the Mets won, Shea rocked. I do mean it in the very literal sense. The upper deck would shake under your feet and you had to pray it would not collapse. It was so loud and electric. You never got that from Citi Field.

This weekend changed Citi Field, the Mets and the fan base.

After a trade debacle just before the trade deadline, two players expressing their passion to stay with the team that continues to change the atmosphere out in Flushing Bay, a big trade to bolster a lineup deprived of a bat for too long, Citi Field has begun to rock like it never has before.

Citi Field has now arrived.

This is what meaningful games are all about. A pennant race through August and September. Players taking turns becoming the heroes Mets fans longed for. Wilmer Flores from tears to cheers. Lucas Duda crushing the ball at every chance he gets. Curtis Granderson, Daniel Murphy and Duda hitting back to back home runs in last night’s third inning.

Citi Field has exploded into a playoff atmosphere. The fans are screaming and having fun.

These are the New York Mets. They are powering through the National League East. The arms are shutting down opposing offenses. The bats are alive causing players to get on base, bring guys home and runs on the board. They are winning the meaningful games spoken so often about but never witnessed. That is until now.

These are your New York Mets and Citi Field is now officially home sweet home.

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