Syndergaard struggles as Mets offense explodes to complete four game sweep of Rockies

By / August 13, 2015 / 2015, Players

Noah Syndergaard labored in his first few of innings of work against the Colorado Rockies imageThursday (8-13) afternoon. The first inning he gave up two runs, both home runs. No arguing there were some control issues. My takeaway: despite the control issues, he got the win.

There are times when you have to work through the most challenging things to get the result you want. Syndergaard may have recovered after the third inning, but his team made sure to give him the win.

For every run the Rockies scored, the Mets scored two or more to keep Syndergaard on the mound. Three doubles in the bottom of the first inning courtesy of Daniel Murphy to score Curtis Granderson, Juan Uribe to score Murphy and Kelly Johnson to score Uribe, made it 3-2 Mets. Despite the Rockies tying it in the third, the Mets would answer back and never look back.

When you watch a Mets game, you can see the determination as they come onto the field. This is a team that is hungry for the playoffs. They hear how crazy Citi Field is after a sweep of a rival. They feel the energy. Players are feeding off of it. Walking onto that field, each player can see seats filled with fans cheering them on. Shirts of blue and orange fill those green seats. Chants of “Let’s Go Mets” and players names are echoed through the cavernous realm of Citi Field. There is no experience like it.

Yes, the fan base is starving, but the players are just as hungry.

Imagine slaving in the minors trying to get to the big league club so you contribute in meaningful games in the greatest baseball city in the world. Imagine bouncing from affiliate to affiliate trying to climb that ladder. You finally make it to the big league club only to realize you got the call because the team has no chance for October. You are just a promotional tool to get fans to come to the ballpark in September. Or maybe you came up through the ranks with another organization and you get traded to a city where expectations are through the stratosphere.

That is until you see what is happening in a ballpark that graces Flushing.

Nobody can say this is a team that belongs to any particular player. This is not David Wright’s team. Nor is it Matt Harvey’s team. This is a team. It is a team that pitches. It is a team that hits. It is a team that wins. There is no other way to describe them.

The New York Mets now look to each other to win games. The pitchers are pitching their hearts out and the offense finally has their backs. There is no one player that is the hero for the 2015 Mets. They are all heroes in their own way. They all contribute. Gone are the days where the pitchers did all of the work only to lose. From the amazing defense to the explosive offense like in today’s lopsided 12-3 victory, they have each other’s backs.

The major takeaway from this series sweep: The team appears to be getting stronger with each passing game. A mind blowing thought, isn’t it?


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