Larry Andersen on Mets fans: “They’re just obnoxious.”

By / August 26, 2015 / Media

Mets fans have been traveling to ballparks all over the country to watch their firstAndersen place team play baseball. Tuesday night at Citizens Bank Park was no different. Phillies announcer, Larry Andersen, was not happy with the Mets fan invasion.

Andersen was so upset, he felt it necessary to give his two bits on what he thought about Mets fans during Tuesday night’s (8-25).

Not that Mets fans care about what he thinks of them.

Andersen said he prefers the Nationals fans to the Mets fans. When asked why, he had said Mets fans are obnoxious.

Somebody please explain to me a time when Phillies fans were not obnoxious.

Does anyone not remember when the Phillies won the World Series? Maybe he should cue up the video of the Phillie Phanatic crushing a Mets batting helmet to Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York”. Phillies fans have come to Citi Field too. The difference is the Mets fans will never allow fans of another team to invade. The rare exception is Yankees fans.

Obnoxious? There is nothing obnoxious about the Mets fan base. Exuberant? Sure. Animated? Naturally. Lively? Definitely. But not obnoxious.

They are just a group of fans who have waited lifetimes for winning seasons. This fan base is being rewarded for years of faithfulness with wins. This is what patience has brought to fans desperate for a season of being in the top spot.

Even if the Mets fan base is a little bit obnoxious, so what! They earned their right to be. Andersen is just upset because the Mets are on top on the Phillies are an afterthought. It makes covering them extremely boring. So we can understand if he hates his job a little bit and takes it out on a passionate fan base. I mean, do Phillies fans know anything about being passionate and faithful?

I just think he should comment more about the Phillies general manager not getting his team to a point of contention instead of commenting about a fan base that believes in their team. I’m just sayin’.

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