Big Papi evaluation on a pitch by Familia: “No one can hit that.”

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It took two days before the Mets were able to beat their ’86 World Series rivals.

Photo credit: Mets Tumblr

Photo credit: Mets Tumblr

On Sunday (8/30) afternoon, the Mets were able to avoid getting swept by the second worst team in the AL East.

During a sold out weekend at Citi Field, the Mets had problems hammering out runs Friday and Saturday. Despite taking out teams like the Colorado Rockies and Philadelphia Phillies all last week, the Mets showed they still had some areas to shore up before they would be playoffs ready.

Jeurys Familia is not one of them.

David Ortiz had his say on a new pitch Familia has been working on: a splitter.

“That Familia, man, throwing that splitter 95 miles an hour. Are you crazy? No one can hit that.”

Best quote of the year to describe the pitcher who has recorded 35 saves this year and posted a 1.67 ERA this year.

Familia says he has been working on the splitter for a long time and now has enough confidence to use it. He has been a lot of fun to watch pitch. His excitement upon slamming the door on the opponent has no bounds. He will fist pump, yell and make sure everyone knows he got the job done and done well.

Here is a closer you can go into the playoffs with confidence he will finish what his team starts.

It’s nice to have a closer who can get the job done and gain the respect of baseball’s elite players.

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