Boras, Harvey: Alfred clips the Dark Knight’s bat wings

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‘Happy Harvey Day’. A day the Dark Knight of Gotham went to the harvey walks to the moundmound. It was a holiday for the fan base. It was the one day the New York Mets were almost always guaranteed the best pitching performance of the week.

Matt Harvey became the lone light at the end of a very dark tunnel in 2012. It was just another losing season for a franchise who was being pummeled into non-existence by everyone associated with them. Conspiracies circled of ownership being too cheap and a manager who was incompetent and a general manager too concerned about job security to put up a fight against people who sign his checks.

So Sandy Alderson did the one thing to bring back hope. The Dark Knight rose from the minors to save a dying franchise. Harvey became the key piece to build a team around. David Wright may have been the Captain, but Harvey became the hope fans were looking for. He was the one who created a buzz around the city and had fans of all teams coming out to watch him pitch.

Harvey pitched like a demon. Fans came out in droves to see their star pitcher throw. There wasn’t a pitcher that was this exciting to watch since the days of Doc Gooden. Back to back years with an ERA under three. Back to back years of losses thanks to a weak offense that Alderson just could not make stronger.

Then he lost an entire season to Tommy John surgery. Fans were at a loss. Their star who brought an attitude lost since 1986 was out for an entire year. Zack Wheeler became the guy to replace him. He was a mere shadow.

The Mets have him back for 2015 and it seems one person has turned on the pitcher who has worked so hard to win: Scott Boras.

All year long the Mets have spoken about innings limits for Harvey. They introduced a six man rotation. They skipped a start here and there. Harvey fought them every step of the way. He wanted to stay in a routine. The whole time Boras stayed silent.

Now the 2015 season is on the line. The Washington Nationals are hot. They are breathing down the Mets necks. They are pushing the Mets to the limit. It is going to take every man on this team to make the playoffs.

Mets fans are angry. There has not been an anger like this since the Tom Seaver trade. This time, it is not directed at management or ownership. Boras has decided to take out his player from contention. He has brought the innings limit for Harvey, his child, front and center in the hunt for October. In his selfish mind, his investment should sit and not pitch for the most important team in New York right now. The most crucial part of the regular season Boras comes out and says Harvey will not pitch past 180 innings.

The Dark Knight has had his bat wings clipped by Alfred.

Since Harvey came up and showed what he could do, Yankee fans have become trolls on social media harping on Harvey becoming a Yankee when his contract is up. Now, not even Yankee fans want him. They know a thing or two about having a diva on the team an dealing with antics. Hello Alex Rodriguez. Ironically, they shared the same agent until A-Rod woke up and fired him.

Harvey was asked by a reporter if he will pitch in October. His response was he is only thinking about the game against the Nationals. This is Matt Harvey we are talking about. This guy wanted to pitch last year and the Mets would not let him. Outside of changing his diapers and giving him his pacifier to quiet him, the Mets have babied him all season.

There is no point in the present day that Harvey can sit. He shouldn’t sit. He can’t sit. He said all year long he wants to pitch. In the middle of a playoff race and Harvey changes his mind? You don’t get to change your mind this late in the season. Your ass is in it to win it now. Get your head out of your ass and into the playoffs.

If Harvey is hurting, it needs to be said now. There is enough drama on the field with the bullpen and trying to get to October. The Mets don’t need more of it.

There is only one message left for Harvey: The fans no longer trust you. They no longer look to you. They will never forget you allowed the man who is supposed to be working for you call the shots. The bat light has now gone dark.

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Neil pank

I agree with you 100%. Why would any player want to sit during a pennant race. It’s the reason you play hard all year. To shut down now is totally beyond me. He better come to his senses and cut out the nonsense and do what he is there for. Play ball.


I think there is a good chance that he will. If this team does make the playoffs, there is no way that he just sits on his hands and watch everyone else pitch.


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