Murphy: Makes move to Nationals. No hard feelings, right?

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You can say he was used and, possibly, abused. You can say he was tolerated as others were groomed. You murphcan say he gave New York all that he had. Just look at the 2015 postseason.

Whatever you use to describe Daniel Murphy’s stint with the Mets, it can never be said he gave up.

Murphy gave everything he had to the team he came up with. With every at-bat, he tried to find a way to get on base and give his team a chance. Sure he was a liability on the field, but he tried. Yours truly always thought he would be a great DH for an American League team.

Well, now he plays for the biggest rivals the Mets will have in 2016 and beyond, the Washington Nationals.

It’s true what David Wright said. He could’ve gone to another team. Murphy chose to go to the Nationals. Was it to stick it to the Mets? Perhaps. But Wright also had it, well, right when he said baseball is a business.

The Mets have Dilson Herrera in the wings. He will most likely start the season in Triple-A awaiting a spot to open up for him. Scouts are high on the kid.

At the end of the day, a general manager must decide what is best for the team. Instead of trading a second baseman prospect with a high upswing, they allowed Murphy to simply walk away.

Murphy understood the business when talking about the Neil Walker trade:

“I think they felt, Sandy felt at the time, to maintain that flexibility and that kind of fluidity in the ball club, and leave it open for Dilson in the future, that Neil was a better fit.”

On Herrera he added:

“And he’s a good player. I think he’s going to be a really good big leaguer.”

Manager Terry Collins says it is only natural for friends to want to beat up on each other. Friendships may remain, but on that ball field, there are no friendships. There is only war. You can bet your last dollar Daniel Murphy is going to take every opportunity to kill his former team.

Mets fans can expect this season to possibly be the most intense in the NL East against the top two teams.

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