Plawecki: “A little bit frustrating”

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You go to work. You open up your email. An email reads the company is plabeing sold. Your job status is in question now. What is going to happen? Will you have a new role? Now you’re stressed out. There is no focusing on work when your job status is up in the air. This is the situation Mets’ catcher Kevin Plawecki finds himself in.

Things to consider when thinking about sending Plawecki to Triple-A. Russ Cohen, author of Numbers Don’t Lie: Mets and contributor at said:

“I think Plawecki is starting in AAA. I don’t like it but this is D’Arnaud’s last chance and they want Plawecki playing almost everyday. So to start that’s what will likely happen.”

Consider the injury history Travis d’Arnaud has. Last year after going .317/.356/.537 in his first 11 games, d’Arnaud suffered a fractured a right hand. He was out for two months. He returned in June, but then hyperextended his left elbow. He was out for six more weeks. He returned July 31st.

In 2015, Plawecki played in 73 games. D’Arnaud played in 67 games. When Plawecki played, the Mets were not impressed with his 218/.280/.296 slash line. After d’Arnaud returned, Plawecki was sent down to Triple-A.

During spring training, the back up hopeful is hitting .250 with one home run and four RBIs in 36 at-bats. While Plawecki has been working on his swing and saying he is more comfortable in the box than he has been in a long time, he says:

 “It is a little bit frustrating. You don’t know what is going on and have some question marks.”

The Mets are looking to see what is most advantageous for everyone involved. Should d’Arnaud find himself on the disabled list yet again, they will need Plawecki to pick up on his offense. Improvements won’t happen while sitting on the bench. Consistent at-bats would take Plawecki to the level it is believed he is capable of.

ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin says the Mets have told their scouts to be “on the lookout for an available backup catcher”.

The Mets have a decision to make and only a few days to do it in.

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