Update: Harvey had a blood clot. Set to make Opening Night start.

By / March 29, 2016 / Players

You remember those days when your parents would tell you not to hold in your urine? Well the results of what could happen to you, is exactly what happened to Mets pitcher Matt Harvey.

The mysterious medical condition that had every one from the front office to the fan base in a panic was nothing more than a blood clot located in his bladder.

On Sunday (3-27), Harvey said he felt some discomfort and saw discoloration in his urine. After some more tests Tuesday (3-29) morning, everything is fine.

Matt Harvey told reporters Tuesday morning:

“The main issue is I hold my urine in for too long instead of peeing regularly.”

Speculations among the fan base on social media ran from drugs to STDs.

Harvey is relieved that he has been declared good to go.

The lesson here, ladies and gents, is pee when you have pee. Even Harvey said:

“I have to retrain my bladder to use the restroom a little more.”

Nobody has time for panic attacks.


Mets general manager Sandy Alderson made the announcement that Matt Harvey will miss his final spring training start.

“It’s a non-baseball medical issue we have to address.

It came up this morning, as far as I know, and there will be some follow up tests and consultations that will take place over the next couple of days.”

Nobody is saying what exactly the medical issue is. Alderson said they are going to await further testing before making and that according to the medical staff, Harvey had a “symptom”.

Manager Terry Collins said it has nothing to do with Harvey’s arm. He did say:

“It is mysterious, but I’m not at liberty to discuss it right now.”

When asked about Harvey’s status to be the opening day pitcher in a World Series rematch against the Kansas City Royals, Collins replied:

“I don’t know just yet.”

The Mets are fortunate to have strong pitchers throughout their rotation. Collins will definitely have his share of picks to start.

Harvey’s teammates are unaware of what is wrong. Mets catcher Travis d’Arnaud said:

“We’re all praying for him and hope it’s nothing too, too serious and hoping he’ll recover fast and be back with us for opening day.”

This mysterious medical issue has Mets fans going crazy with speculation. Whatever it is, everyone is wishing Matt Harvey the very best.

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