Mets-Royals: The trek to the Canyon of Heroes as World Series Champions begins

By / April 3, 2016 / Players, Regular Season

Opening Day is always a big day, every year. It’s kind of a big thing. It marks the end of frustrating football seasons and subpar basketball seasons, depending on who you root for. I can sit here and type up the usual “fresh-cut-grass, the-crack-of-the-baseball-bat” type of story. This is 2016. This is a new season with new standards that Mets fans are not used to.

In case you have been hiding under a rock, the Mets are the reigning 2015 National League Champions. It’s kind of a big deal. It solidified the orange and blue as a force of nature. It showed the New York Mets declaring New York City as their own.

This team has unfinished business to take care. The World Series was lost to them as the Kansas City Royals ended the dreams of a championship. Matt Harvey asked for a chance to get back in a game after manager Terry Collins said otherwise. He got the chance. It was one move of many that cost the Mets everything.

The Mets enter this season as the hunted. It makes sense. The winners always are. Despite not winning the 2015 World Series, they made their share of enemies along the way.

The Washington Nationals will always be the rivals. They are in the same division. The Mets ended their chances of a postseason berth in dramatic fashion, a sweep.

The Mets played the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Division Series. Game, set, match. Mets win it.

The cursed Chicago Cubs enter for the National League Championship Series.

Memories of 2006 filled the mind of every Mets fan. Could the Mets get over the hump? Can they make it to the Fall Classic? The Cubs proved to be no match for the all powerful starting rotation of the New York Mets. The Mets take the series in a four game sweep.

Now the Mets start the new season with a World Series rematch. Harvey versus the Kansas City Royals. The first game means something. It shows the Royals can be tamed. It shows the Mets are picking up from where they left off. It shows the Mets are coming in with all guns blazing looking for a chance to take it all.

The 2016 season has been declared as the season of “unfinished business”. The city knows it. The fans know it. Management knows it. Above all, the New York Mets know it. Last year they did not just take one step forward. They took four: the NL East, the NLDS, the NLCS and a trip to the World Series.

This year the most fearless rotation in Major League Baseball and deeper lineup strive to take that last coveted step. It is a step a Mets player has not taken since 1986. It is a trip down the Canyon of Heroes after winning the World Series.

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