Mets give out 2015 NL Championship rings as Alderson delivers message

By / April 7, 2016 / 2016, Regular Season

The New York Mets received their National League Championship rings Thursday (4-07) afternoon. New York Governor Cuomo was on hand to congratulate the team on a successful 2015 season, but the most important message came from general manager Sandy Alderson.

It took 15 years for the Mets to get back to the World Series. It took over 15 years to be the toast of the town. That was Sandy’s message to his 2016 team as he presented players with their rings.

“(The rings) will serve as a reminder of what was accomplished last year. First World Series for a Mets team in 15 years. First 90-win season since 2006.”

With the Mets getting ready for the Opening Day start at Citi Field Friday (4-08) afternoon, Alderson’s message was very clear:

“The same kinds of things that got us to the brink, are going to get us back here.

“It’s not about aspiring to do it. It’s about putting in the work. It’s thinking about your teammates. It’s the leadership that comes from the example that everyone sets for everyone else. “

So it has been declared. So shall it be.

The team started the season with a split against the Kansas City Royals. Now it is time for home field advantage against an 0-3 Philadelphia Phillies team. Then the Miami Marlins are next. The Mets have a fairly easy month in April with the Phillies, Marlins and Atlanta Braves filling out 12 games This is there chance to make a statement before facing the Washington Nationals in May.

During the last series, mistakes were made. Balls were dropped. Throws were either off or slow. Bats were asleep. These are the things that cannot happen if they want to defend their title as the NL Champions. The little things can make or break you. It is a well known fact of life.

In 2015 the Mets went 47-29 in their division. Remember that 10-game winning streak? It was at home in April against the NL East. It was crucial. So it is again in 2016. Twelve games in April. Twelve very important games before facing the team that is their biggest threat in the East.

The Mets now have their rings. They have their motivation. They remember last year. As David Wright said, nobody likes to be second best. After losing the 2015 World Series to the Kansas City Royals, that’s what they were: the second best team in baseball.

Just before the Mets get set to kick off Opening Day at Citi Field, Wright had one message:

“There is no other way to be successful, to win the National League East, to be up there toward the top down the home stretch unless you take care of business in the division at home.

“And we certainly need to do that again this year.”

To watch the video of the team receiving their rings, check out the CFoD Facebook page.

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