Last place Phillies take out Mets in first NL East showdown

By / April 10, 2016 / 2016, Players

Maybe the exploding light bulb in the Jackie Robinson rotunda early Saturday (4-09) evening did more damage than originally thought. Perhaps it caused the lights to go out on the Mets offense during a weekend the team needed to make a statement.

Usually I am not one of those, “Oh my God the world is coming to an end” type of people. This is not even that now. This is just a little wake up call as to what could be.

Fans that are more calm, cool and collected, perhaps more rational, will think of this weekend just as opening weekend for the team. For them it was just a weekend to say, “Welcome back 2015 National League Champions”. It was a weekend to perhaps continue the celebration of fortunes of last year.

Enter team negative.

After said champions lost a series to a team who is in rebuilding mode, there are a number of fans who are looking more towards doom and gloom.

Yes, well, that’s the Mets fan base for you. Could they be that far off, though?

This weekend proved to be a tough one for a team coming back as champions. This is the team that is supposed to be making a run for the division, or hell, the entire National League. So you have to wonder what went wrong.

When you lose to a team like the Philadelphia Phillies that is predicted to end the season in last place, you have to scratch your head. Or maybe you want to make excuses. Let’s go down the list.

It was too cold on Saturday night. I hate to break it to you, but it does get cold in October.

It’s still early in the season. True enough. David Wright admits as much.

“Guys are upset when we lose, but when you look at the big picture of things, we’re still trying to get our feet under us at the beginning of the season.”

He feels last year could bring some type of something to the off-start team 2016 is having.

“We can find — I don’t want to say comfort, but we can find some guidance in what we were able to accomplish with the start that we got off last year.”

Leave it to the captain to bring your hopes up.

You can call out mistakes. You can call out the temperatures. You can call out pitching. These are all factors, but at the end of the day, you have to hit the ball. You have to score runs. You have to make plays. Wright seems to have some difficulty making the throws from third base that he once did and maybe he should be considered for a move to first base. Perhaps I’m being too hard on him. Russ Cohen would probably think so.

These are just some things to think about going into the Miami Marlins series.

At the end of the day, yes it is too early to jump off the Whitestone or Triboro bridges. There are plenty of games left to be played and plenty more chances to annihilate the competition. I’m just saying that it would be nice if the annihilation started sooner rather than later. I would hate to think what would happen when the Mets take on the Washington Nationals in 2016 if they can’t beat the NL east bottom feeders.

I think the captain said it best:

“Guys are upset when we lose, but when you look at the big picture of things, we’re still trying to get our feet under us at the beginning of the season.”

So it seems.

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