Matt Harvey issues resolved?

By / April 21, 2016 / 2016, Players, Regular Season

UPDATE 4/22/16

According the NY Daily News, the exact issue with Matt Harvey’s back leg is coming from him “rushing to the plate out of the stretch, collapsing his back leg instead of driving powerfully off of it”. It’s causing his arm to be the only force used to throw the ball.

Another scout who saw him said that Harvey’s leg kick was opening up in the stretch and that was throwing off his entire delivery.



There has been plenty of worry about the status of Matt Harvey among the fan base. No doubt his manager and pitching coach has been slightly panicked about that 5.71 ERA the pitcher has posted so far. Well, it seems the problem may have been resolved. Or at the very least, they know what has caused the issues.

According the NY Post, manager Terry Collins said pitching coach Dan Warthen implied “it was a simple mechanical issue with Harvey’s back leg”. Another possibility to the issues? According to the manager, not enough preparation for the season.

“…[Harvey]  might have not done enough extra work in the bullpen.”

Warthen has been working with Harvey in the bullpen saying he had possibly his best bullpen session giving the coach hope of a breakout start. Hopefully that will come against the Atlanta Braves on Friday (4-22).

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