As Harvey struggles, Mets fans rise in support

By / May 16, 2016 / Players, Regular Season

Matt Harvey is having his worst season with the New York Mets. The fans and media at one time called him the ace of the staff. If he continues to pitch the way he is, those days could be behind him.

There are a few who have their theory as to what is causing the Dark Knight to struggle so mightily. The biggest of the theories is the workload going into the 2015 postseason. However, agent Scott Boras told the New York Post there is an “unknown” happening with Harvey. After fighting with the Mets last year over the amount of innings Harvey was to pitch in 2015, Boras says he does not blame the Mets.

So Harvey continues to battle an “unknown” element.

Whatever the reason for the struggles, fans are beginning to divide as to what the future of their former ace should be.

Harvey took a beating against the Colorado Rockies on Friday (5-13) giving up 11 hits. It was the second most in his career. He gave up 13 against the Detroit Tigers in 2013. Currently his ERA has ballooned to 4.93. The last time his ERA was over 4.00 was in 2011 while pitching for Binghamton.

A handful of Mets fans have taken to Facebook and Twitter calling for the Mets to look into trading the pitcher. One fan had this to say on the Citi Field of Dreams Facebook page:

Trade Harvey and get something big in return before he just walks away unsigned like Reyes did. -Connor

I’m a Mets fan, but Harvey is a wind bag and has proven nothing at this point. -Stanley

Still there are those fans who remember what Harvey gave them. With him came grit and a non-apologetic approach to the game. There was no humility on his part. He knew he was good. He proved he was good. Call him arrogant. Call him pompous. Call him whatever you want. You cannot deny his talent.

Those screaming for a trade are beginning to get drowned out by those who feel he deserves better from the fans. On Twitter, the hashtag #standbymatt popped up in support of the struggling ace. Memes were created to show their support:




Mets fan, Trevor, took the doubters to task when he said:

Listen people, stop complaining. I’ve seen a lot of posts complaining about Harvey, complaining about the team. Guess what, it doesn’t matter.

Tom Seaver lost 10 games in ’73, Matt Harvey is going to lose games. Jacob deGrom is going to lose games. Anybody who has ever played a sport knows, when you lose, the last thing you need is people telling you your mistakes. You don’t think Matt Harvey knows he’s pitching badly? Let him work through it, and ‪#‎standbymatt‬.

So as the Dark Knight of Gotham watches video, works on his mechanics and does whatever he needs to do to right the ship, he can do so knowing the fans are behind him. He can work with no pressure because the rest of the rotation will hold down the fort. With pitchers like deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz (when he is healthy) and Bartolo Colon, there is no reason for Harvey to press.

To the doubters we say this, he is your pitcher. You wanted a pitcher who fights. You wanted a pitcher who leaves it all on the field. Consider what he did for you last year. He left it all on that mound, including, quite possibly, his arm.

So the only question to ask is, what will you give him?

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