Mets Return to the Citi of the Damned

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There is no way to sugar coat the current state of the 2016 New York Mets. They reek of failure. They lack Aldersontalent. They are a team of lost opportunities. After watching this team split a series with the Atlanta Braves and getting swept by the Washington Nationals, there is nothing to be optimistic about this team.

The only reason they aren’t at the bottom is because the Braves and Philadelphia Phillies are worse. The Mets should thank their lucky stars for that.

For those who seem to think I am a biased writer, this article may shock you. I have never been one to shy away from calling it as I see it. Everything I wrote to start this entry off is exactly what I feel and am not afraid to say it.

The biggest mistake the Alderson regime made was during the 2015 offseason. They failed to bring back Daniel Murphy. Say what you will about his ability, or lack thereof, to play defense. He can hit the ball. That’s more than I can say for anybody on this current team.

I have given Alderson a hard time in the past. I have sang his praises for moves I thought were brilliant. Well the most illogical move was to not bring back the only player who has never had a bad time hitting at Citi Field. Hell, Murphy is able to hit anywhere. Lifetime batting average numbers are .286 at home and .299 away.

But why would they want to bring Murphy back? I mean, you have a team that is hitting a whopping .240 this year. I can completely understand why so many thought the Mets were going to contend again.

You can’t even say this team is contending in the division despite two teams beneath them. Can you call yourself a contender when the bottom feeders split a series with you? You’re the NL Champions. Bottom feeders shouldn’t beat you.

Now I will give Alderson this much. There are too many players on the disabled list with severe injuries. Lucas Duda and David Wright are the worst hits this team has taken. Juan Lagares is currently on the disabled list. Travis d’Arnaud has missed serious time this year. Bone spurs in the elbow of Steven Matz and Noah Syndergaard threaten to take out two of the best pitchers on the team.

I mean, nobody can anticipate so many players going down. However, when you miss a golden opportunity to bring a player back that has been a consistent hitter, it is unforgivable. So instead, that player is consistently beating you at every chance he gets.

Am I saying Murphy is the be all to get this team winning? No. It takes more than one player to win a game. I will say, however, he would help to at least give them a fighting chance.

The pitching staff is getting the job done. Factor in the bullpen, Mets pitchers have a 3.34 ERA, ranking second in the National League. The offense is deplorable. Each time a hitter comes to the plate, you have to hold your breath because you wonder if they will even connect with the ball. You have to wonder how the pitchers are feeling when they go to the dugout and watch their teammates go to the plate.

As manager Terry Collins so eloquently put it,

“We’re just not even giving ourselves chances.”

Perhaps it is Alderson who is not giving this team a chance. The Mets cannot afford to wait. This has become a desperate situation. Sitting in third place and six place behind the Washington Nationals is not where they want to be going into the All-Star break. This team needs to make serious strides while at home.

There are still 11 games to go before the break. Alderson has until that time to pull a Hail Mary to get this offense together because if he doesn’t, this whole team is damned.

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