Wright: “I’m glad to be around the guys. Just as good as a rehab.”

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David Wright is back in New York and addressed the media. The third baseman says he is happy to be back and to be wright sitsaround the guys again. He addressed several topics including Jose Reyes.

On how he is feeling:

“I’m feeling okay. A lot better than last week. Last week was tough.”

On being around the guys again:

“I’m glad to be around the guys cuz that’s, uh, probably uh just as good as a rehab and uh emotional relief as the rehab that I’m doing away from the field.”

“…good to be watching baseball in person and just getting a chance to talk baseball with the guys. It’s important for me mentally.”

The Captain did say he will not be allowed in the dugout in case a foul ball comes his way. He will, as he puts it, “be helpless”. He will be hanging out in the bullpen in his uniform.

According to Wright there is no rehab. The bones need time to fuse. He will have to wear a special neck brace to limit his mobility.

On being able to place this year, Wright says he isn’t sure. For him his health is most important at this stage. His next check up is in six weeks.

Wright says after the surgery he could not move.

“Sitting up was kind of a two man job to try to get me up.”

The interesting comments were about his back. Wright says he is not sure how being immobile for so long will affect his back. He mentioned how long it took him to get ready just for spring training. Now being immobile for as long as he will need to be, he says:

“…it will be interesting to see how my back responds to that. I think it’ll be interesting to see what it takes to get my back where it was, ya know, while I was playing.”

Wright stresses that he does have plans on coming and being the player that he was.

“As far as I’m concerned, we need to try to get back to the playoffs.”

On his feelings about Reyes being brought back to the team:

“I love it. Very good friend of mine.

“I think he’s going to bring us a ton of energy. I think that’s something we can really use. His dynamic on the field. His speed. His charisma. What he brings to the baseball can be a real pick me up for this team and the fans.

Wright said that he won’t say anything that he wouldn’t tell Reyes himself:

“What he did was awful, terrible. There’s just no other way around it. With that being said he’s shown, in my eyes, he’s done what he can do to earn a second chance. If he’s going to be given a second chance, this is the place.”

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