The “Potential” 2018 Mets: New Staff, Same ________

By / January 17, 2018 / Offseason

This is not going to be about stats. This is not going to be about who they should sign. It is a simple blog about what I think needs to be said and what most fans have already said.

It truly amazes me when I see how angry fans can be at the moves, or lack thereof, made by the front office of their favorite teams. Look at the Mets fan base.

You have a franchise that is in the number one sports market in the country. They have what was once considered a dominating pitching staff. Is it still considered that? Potentially, yes. For now it is just a staff riddled with health problems. Their kingdom for a rotation that can stay healthy.

There is a bullpen that houses various pitchers who could probably do what they are supposed to if they were not burned out from having to pitch in almost every game for more than two or three innings.

You have hitters that are…um…well. The team has hitters. It seems those who can hit are sent elsewhere to help other franchises succeed. Hey, Jay Bruce is back.

Here is what has been accomplished during the offseason thus far by general manager, Sandy Alderson.

New manager? Check!

New training staff? Check! I think Mets fans are most excited about this, but also upset it took this long considering the insane amount of injuries the team suffers every year.

Coaching staff? Check!

Pitching? Eh…Bullpen help would be nice. Keeping the starters healthy would be nice. Maybe have some nice backup starters in the farm or quality journeymen.

Third baseman? Wilmer Flores, Asdrubal Cabrera

First base: With the signing of Adrian Gonzalez, you have to think Dominic Smith starts at Triple-A until he proves himself.

Second base? Gavin Cecchini, Flores

Catcher? HELP!

Shortstop? Ahmed Rosario, Cabrera

Outfield? Michael Conforto, Yoenis Cespedes, Juan Lagares, Bruce

Bringing Omar Minaya back? I can live with this move.

The only thing on this list that has Mets fans celebrating is the new training staff and their new manager. There are many fans who are upset about the Adrian Gonzalez signing. They think he is bad for the clubhouse, but for the league minimum, you really can’t go wrong. Can you? Just be happy something was done.

Imagine getting a call from a Mets ticket rep to discuss to purchasing tickets. I would laugh at them. I would not want their job. While the front office only reads what the fans are thinking, tickets reps are feeling the wrath.

Nobody is arguing about what could be. There is some talent. What people need to understand is that after awhile, we are so sick and tired of hearing about “the potential”. The fan base is tired of hearing “the talent is there”, “be patient”. After spending how much money on merchandise, tickets…If you invested in stocks and did not get any money on your investment, wouldn’t you be pissed off? You would be on the phone very quickly with your stock broker.

The same goes for the fan base.

We want to see things happen.

We want to see this team and the organization be respected.

We want a championship.

Not asking for the sun, or the moon or the stars. The Mets fan base is not one who will sit on their hands and take losses forever. It is a passionate fan base who wants the same passion from the team that they have invested for years into the team.

Truth be told, last year I did not even go to a single game. No reason to. Go ahead and come at me for it. Say I should support my team no matter what. You would not be wrong. However, I rather spend my money on a vacation to decompress after the stress the team puts me through year after year.

So what would do I recommend?

I have my own personal opinion, which for the sake of my sanity I will keep to myself because you guys love to try to burn me. The one and only thing I will strongly recommend is one signing to get the fan base thinking, “Oh s***! The Mets are serious.”

For now, I am just going to sit back and hope the organization can figure it out before that wonderful trip to Port St. Lucie. Maybe plan a vacation for sometime before the All-Star break because I know I am going to need it.

This year Mets fans need to relax and breathe. There is a new staff and you have no idea what can happen. The season hasn’t started. Wait at least until June before you start complaining again and you make me call you out on it…again.

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