-Tanya Mercado-

I studied broadcast journalism at Brooklyn College. Sports has always been a part of my life. From the Olympics to Major League Baseball, I have always been fascinated by the accomplishments of an athlete.

I have served as sports editor for the college paper, the Excelsior and have written articles for other websites including Mets Merized Online and Bleacher Report ranging from the New York Mets to the U.S. Olympic teams.

Most people describe me as controversial. I feel certain things should be done, and while some disagree, they see why I think the way that I do. Thinking outside of the box has become my forte. You can always expect something from me that you will find “interesting”.

On several occasions, my articles from this site and Mets 360 have been linked to by MetsBlog. Currently, I contribute an article every week for Mets 360 and host a baseball podcast called “The 5 Tool Show” that airs every Monday night at 9pm EST. I have also appeared as a guest on several podcasts, including the Baseball Page and the Phil Naessen’s show.


Ed Leyro

I’m really impressed with your determination and effort to get this page done. I’ll be reading quite often. Good luck!


thanks for stopping by my blog. Cool page—I see you are the Mets expert—any thoughts you have on my Tigers chances of turning it around in ’09?

Patrick Willoughby

Just like you, I was curious as to who alphainventions were. My statistics have been going through the roof lately, so I decided to see who they were. I saw your comment and thought I would check out your page. Very nice page. I’ve just recently started blogging on Windows Live Spaces. Check it out and let me know what you think. Hope all goes well for you.

Patrick Willoughby

Tim Sharobem

I like your site a lot Tanya. And thanks for linking us too! We’ll do the same.

…And lets go Mets.


Unorthodox is a relative term so to say in relation to the point you pointed out in your ‘about me’ I have a lot of articles on my blog like ‘Narcissism’ which many might find it as unorthodox a term to proclaim in public not to talk of associated terms. Nevertheless I believe it is rather the objective behind living the way we do or taking certain decisions that makes one aspect unorthodox and the other acceptable. Even at that extend it is still too hard to judge. That was a nice page Tanya ride on


I like what you’re doing here with the Mets, I hope to do the same thing over at my blog about the Sox and the AL East in general. I’ll definitely be stopping by and commenting, you should do the same! Keep up the good work,


Clif Desmond

GREETINGS from Port St. Lucie, Florida, home of TRADITION FIELD in St. Lucie West where the NY Mets do their SPRING TRAINING!

I am your local engineer on WPSL AM 1590 running direct feed from WFAN for all the New Yorkers who live here JUST BECAUSE the Mets are here!

WPSL RADIO LISTENERS (most of the Mets fans!) follow my Tweet! http://www.twitter.com/clifdesmond

Port St. Lucie if FULL of New Yorkers who moved here because the Mets are here in the Spring! Nice running into players down here once in a while too!

Keep up the GOOD WORK!


Found this nice website about the mets. I have been a fan since 1962, so sadly I feel the mets look alike the original ones.
I believe that the team need to clean house- Minaya, Tony B and some of the core players like Reyes, Beltran and Sheffield.
The minor league players like Murphy, F Mart and Evans need a little more seasoning. Right now we need more players like Wright, Franceour and Pagan. Too bad Minaya waits too long to get players- example Lugo and Orlando Hudson.
Anyway, I still love these crazy Mets and maybe next year I can dream about the World Series! Good luck on your blog,Tanya.

David Ganz

great site! Tanya, you are extremely talented, and its a great website you have, made great by your insightful writing ! your fan David

William Valderrama

Great website, its really cool to see a woman with so much passion about my biggest passion. You will now be on my favorites. I want to start my blog too, just have to get the design I want and it is done. Hope we can have future debates on what the team is doing right/wrong. ttyl

Tanya Mercado

Thanks William. Glad to have you visiting the site. 🙂 Let me know when your site is done and I’ll add it to the blogroll. Enjoy the site.

gary mcdonald

Great site Tanya very informative . When I get the technology sorted out perhaps you’ll come on my Mets podcast. Keep up the great work.


Nice site…. It was great talking baseball with you on the bus today. 😉

Tanya Mercado

Thanks Alex. It was nice to be able to talk baseball with a Yankee fan who knows what he is talking about. Hope to see you around again.


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